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Evaluation Steps


Initial Phone Consultation


Schedule Assessment Appointment


Complete Full Evaluation


Review Evaluation

Report to determine strategies for treatment

Step 1
1 - Initial Consultation

The first step of the evaluation process occurs when you contact Dr. Howard, who quickly and efficiently assesses the services to be provided, and the information that will be necessary to conduct the assessment.

Step 2
2 - Schedule Assessment Appointment

A time is then set to perform the actual tests to ascertain more information about the nature and scope of the cognitive difficulties that need to be more completely understood.


Frequently the specific tasks to be completed consist of tests which require brief spoken responses. However, a few tasks do involve paper and pencil work, and at times computer generated responses, and the manipulation of objects. In most instances the evaluation is a fairly conclusive process, whereby the diagnosis of specific cognitive difficulties are tentatively made.


At all times a thorough explanation of the tests and procedures will be made to the client, as well as providing a complete understanding of the implications and recommendations that can be derived from the data.

Step 3
3 - Evaluation

Typically the comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation consists of administering the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for either children or adults, which assesses:

  • verbal comprehension skills,

  • visual spatial and visual motor abilities,

  • working memory capacities, and

  • processing speed capabilities.


Furthermore, the Woodcock Johnson Test of Educational Achievement is also usually given, which looks at  academic achievement with regard to domain such as:

  • reading decoding or pronunciation skills,

  • reading comprehension,

  • spelling,

  • writing abilities,

  • calculation and arithmetic reasoning,

  • oral language capacities, and

  • the speed at which reading, writing and solving calculation problems can be accomplished.


Finally, a very comprehensive selection of executive functioning,  attention, and memory tests are administered and interpreted, in order to assess an individual's strengths and weaknesses with respect to his or her skills in these areas.

Step 4
4 - Report Review & Strategy Meeting

After the evaluation is completed, a written report is done and a meeting is set up to go over the findings and discuss the test results. 

In the event that further services are required, Dr. Howard will assist individuals or families in the process of pursuing tutoring or medication services with appropriate personnel in the community.

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