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Resources for Learning Disabilities and ADHD

The following are a list of internet sites of interest

Computer Class
Graduation Girls
Museum 3
Study Group on the Grass
Creative Working

There are several good general sites that provide a wide variety of information about learning and attention disorders. They include as well as and These sites are easy to navigate and provide information on such diverse topics as research on learning and attention disorders, information on tutoring and schools, and technological aids to improve academic performance.

The state of Massachusetts provides a valuable web site that provides information on special education issues at

Information about accomodations for the Scholastic Aptitude Test can be found at This site provides information on the kinds of accomodations that are offered by the Educational Testing Service for the SAT, and the information that is necessary for providing documentation of a learning disability or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Information on audio compact discs for Dyslexic students can be found at the website, or Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic. This is an excellent site, and provides an extremely important resource for both children and adults with phonological processing problems

The Kurzweil educational software programs constitute another resource that is quite helpful for assisting students with Dyslexia. They have developed a suite of packages designed to enable students to scan in books or articles, and have that text read aloud. Study guides are also available to help students write papers, organize school projects, and assist in comprehension exercises.

The Reading Pen is another technological device that has been helpful to students with phonological processing problems. This is a device which looks like a pen, but instead of a writing tip, it has a tiny scanner at the end of the pen, which then scans into its memory words that are then pronounced through a tiny speaker in the device, or through an earplug. The Reading Pen also provides definitions of various words by displaying them on a LCD screen on the side of the device.

This is only a partial list, but more information can be gleaned from links provided by these sites, or by accessing or and searching for key words that emphasize topics of interest to you.

A review of information on ADHD

ADDitude - Living Well with ADD and Learning Disabilities for Adults and Children

ADHD: A Path to Success, first 6 chapters online
Read the first 6 chapters of ADHD: A Path to Success online.

Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention deficit disorder information, product, and services site for ADD & ADHD related issues.

Attention Deficit Disorder Resources, a national non-profit organization, provides quality information, resources, and support to help those with ADHD achieve their full potential.

ADHD News and Information to Help Your Child
A place to find ADHD news, message boards, medication information, resources and testimonials for families coping with ADHD.  

How helping with reading and math can backfire.
Describes how well intended efforts to help with reading and math can backfire, and what to do about it.

Behavioral health care information & publishing on the World Wide Web since 1995
This is an organization for children and adults with ADHD and has helpful links to rich information regarding various aspects of dealing with issues associated with this disorder.

Dyslexia, Help with Reading
Reading Success Lab provides research-based computer software for diagnostic assessment of reading problems, intervention exercises for improving reading skills, and reassessment tests to measure improvement. - Community, Information, Resources on Diseases, Disorders & Chronic Illness
Features health articles, medical news, doctor-produced video webcasts, community message boards and chat rooms, professional healthcare resources, email, newsletters, books and reviews, and resource directories on diseases, disorders and chronic illness.

Oppositional Defiant Disorder- ODD Help 

Psychology-Directory - The source for Psychology Related Information 

School Grants for Single Mothers

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